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10. August 2018
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Ce‘ Cile grew up in Porus, and Mile Gully, Jamaica, spending most of her youth in Mandeville, where her grandfather had previously been mayor.

Ce‘ Cile discovered music through a friend of her father, Michael „Ibo“ Cooper from the reggae band Third World and brought out her first single „Beat Of Her Heart“. She added her own style to classical reggae and took it toward dancehall. In 1995, Steven Ventura, the owner of Celestial Sound Recordings, noticed her. Then followed a period where she worked as a studio manager and recorded multiple demo tapes. She also appeared on stage as a backing vocalist for various bands, as well as writing and producing songs with artists such as Jah Mason & Chrisinti.

Her first major success was with the single „Can You Do the Work“ with Sean Paul in 2001. This track later appeared on his album Dutty Rock (Atlantic Records), which went on to sell over 2 million copies in the U.S., also winning a Grammy. In 2003, she signed with Delicious Vinyl Records where she unfortunately was not given the chance to release an album. Instead, she released singles in cooperation with other artists. In 2005 she left the label and toured with T.O.K. in Europe.[citation needed]

Her first album, Bad Gyal, was released in 2008 with Kingstone Records, and was the first dancehall album that was ever discussed in the German Playboy. Next to the article was a large print promotion photo of Cécile, but she did not appear as a Playmate. In 2009 her second album Waiting was released with Danger Zone/SoBe Entertainment.

Today Cécile is known internationally. Her albums sell well in Germany and Japan amongst others. She appears as guest singer on singles from Sean Paul, Carl Henry, Mono & Nikitaman, DJ Fresh, Doctor P, and D-Flame. Her single Gold Dust with DJ Fresh peaked at #24 on the UK singles chart, with a Shy EFX reedit that reached #22 on the UK SIngles chart and #39 on the Irish Singles Chart. The sale of all versions of Gold Dust are combined together enabling it to have sold in excess of 400,000 copies, receiving a Gold certification, despite never reaching the top twenty of the UK Singles Charts. Other notable collaborations includes work With Gavin Rossdale 2012, Debbie Nova 2014,